Wow that’s the very first time I’ve seen such problem to your the youtube comments

Wow that’s the very first time I’ve seen such problem to your the youtube comments

Wow that’s the very first time I’ve seen such problem to your the youtube comments

It is a fact you to definitely Gwendoline and you may Billy are just jumping to your bandwagon, Gwendoline particularly is quite monotone and you will does not seem to enjoy being in top of your cam.


Yeah, Hanni appears super privileged. And you may, such as for instance a mysterious girl. She renders myself become shameful whenever this woman is regarding vlog, and i can not also fully set my personal hand to your as to the reasons.

Your family systems which bohemian lives that simply immediately made me think they are available from money. Exactly how indulgent just to pick we would like to get a large butt residence and you will complete they which have “beauty” and decorate all day? And you will Stephanie just reading opera singing while you are never doing work. I apparently recall reading in an even more vital opinion one she was also before married, so perhaps the girl ex boyfriend spouse are piled and she got a beneficial a good chunk of one’s money.

We totally agree that it is not the challenge if/they are steeped, but the girl advising which facts regarding battle and you can impoverishment and this simply does not seem sensible. It’s something you should be simple about the 500th peacock scarf otherwise any type of, however, pretending not to have adequate currency to pay regular staff if you find yourself the woman pantry is stuffed with creator shit (We noticed Gucci and Manolo Blanik shoes within amongst almost every other things) is simply mentally manipulative. If the she repaid the lady professionals and is actually a lot more clear from the their riches, I’d applaud the woman to have life the way in which she really does.

They at random reminds myself of these one famous German Youtuber named Gronkh which at this point should be a millionaire a couple of times more than given their wild victory once the 2010, but the guy however presents himself just like the without far anyway. With his fans remain giving and you may praising his humbleness. Zero dearies, you to definitely “humbleness” was an aware strategy to store raking about Twitch and you will Youtube currency and you will getting to your brand name.


Stephanie hasn’t said this lady and you may Nic Larkin have been a couple of – this woman is already been in line with their finest family position while the woman is spoke openly in the being with Michael Potts getting 10 years (she are with him whenever she bought the latest chateau having Nic larkin and then Michael Potts ordered engrossed from the an after stage) She covers the woman relationship long-term just 18 months however, doesn’t state way more inside apart from their husband wanted to mostly spend your time only the two of them whereas she need observe her relatives moreso these people were just incompatible.

Did anybody see the event which have “celebrity” chef Mike Robinson and his awesome glam blonde girlfriend Claude – which was odd. Then Steph and you may Marie went to stay with him or her into the Stratford and you may resided in the his house. They are the latest planet’s poor show-off and you can very smug. The guy leftover discussing their Tv show away from such as 2 decades back.

In my opinion Dan the newest Gardener having a beneficial vlog and you may patreon account produces a great deal more sense than nearly any of one’s others as he and you can their girlfriend and you will pretty children live-in a very derelict shack they ordered three years before for fifteen,one hundred thousand euro together with zero family unit members help or foot right up – actually how come it moved to France was it is the only method they may log on to the house hierarchy. They could really do with a bit of support and that i like the fresh new vlogs through its infants inside – they really are adorable. He work so very hard garden full time and then performing up their residence regular in the evenings and you may sundays. He’s a real grafter and I’m grateful Stephanie gave your several plugs because they look like a genuine loved ones and you will their renovations have become fascinating.

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